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Cooks and Kitchens

Cooks and Kitchens

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Treat yourself to somne quality kitchen and housewares from the Cooks and Kitchens website. Quality knives, etc. don't need to be expensive, just well sourced.

Cooks and Kitchens:

"Exceptional Brands - Low Prices!

Cooks&Kitchens Direct is the online cookshop of Cooks and Kitchens Kitchenware Ltd - one of the UK's leading independent retailers of design-focused housewares. Our goal is to bring you an edited selection of the very best brands at very competitive prices.

We have authorised dealer status and full manufacturer back-up for all the brands we support.

In contrast to most cookshops and designer stores, we don't try to be 'all things to all people' or jump on every gadget bandwagon. Instead, we believe in offering ranges that combine brilliant design with exceptional functionality i.e items that you'll take pleasure in owning for some time to come.

So, whether you need Damascus steel knives like Heston's or the latest Giovannoni piece from Alessi, it's here.

Most of our brands are sourced from premium European suppliers, with an emphasis on Italy, Germany and the UK. However, Japan features strongly when it comes to premium kitchen knives.

Of course, as a specialist independent, we also strive to offer our customers tremendous levels of service and advice".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Cooks and Kitchens

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