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Coco Lush

Find some South American beach style at the Coco Lush website. There's a fantastic range of jewellery, swimwear and beach accessories.

Coco Lush:

"Coco Lush was created with the intention to fill a gap in the market for quality, fashionable swimwear and jewellery. Because South America is an emerging market and the largest producer and consumer of swimwear in the worlds it made sense to only work with local designers and established brands.

Alongside swimwear comes a growing market, in Brazil, for accessories and jewellery and an established market for leather goods and footwear productions, which is a category Coco Lush will soon add to the store.

Designed with the consumer in mind the shop is easily navigable and has a contemporary feel reflecting the range of product available for sale.

A good number of products are exclusive to Coco Lush making a buyer experience exciting and exclusive. When it comes to swimwear there are new products added throughout the year unlike department stores and boutiques where new products are only available during the summer seasons.

The store offers a wide selection of swimwear and beach accessories and a comprehensive line of jewellery including, non precious, silver, semi precious, resin as well as wooden pieces to suit all tastes and budgets.

All products listed at the store are in stock and available for immediate sale. Sold out item are deleted to avoid buying into non-available inventory. We tent not to repeat products to always keep the options fresh.

Coco Lush is a UK based company offering world wide delivery options as well as free delivery on any order over £60.

Orders are dealt with as they arrive and are usually shipped the same day, subject to payment card authorisation. Orders received after 16:00 UK time will be automatically shipped the following day".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Coco Lush

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