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Bonne Fée Ltd

Bonne Fée Ltd

Jazz it up with Bonne Fée Ltd! Their costume jewellery will brighten up any dull frock. Bring on the bling!!

Bonne Fée Ltd:

"Purveyors of Beautiful & Glamorous Fashion Jewellery.

The Bonne Fée website offers a wonderful array of unique and stylish costume and fashion jewellery for both men and women. Our range of jewellery is bold and glamorous, for people who liked to get noticed!

We also stock ranges from Butler & Wilson and Buckley Jewellery which are both hugely popular brands.

Our collection is continuously growing and we will often have special offers to promote some of our favourite products. Bonne Fée is full of exquisite and stunning jewellery which are ideal as gifts for you, your friends or your family".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Bonne Fée Ltd

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