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BAA - the original, all about wool, sheep, good humour, campaigning for fair play, etc.

BAA - British Airports Authority.

BAA - British Astronomical Association (also see Astronomy)

BAA - Boston Athletics Association (also see Boston)



I have heard that there used to be a comprehensive list of BAAs which was kept up to date at by the owner of that site. Unfortunately the present occupiers (2001/04) do not appear to be keeping up that good tradition.

The name "Baa", or the abbreviation "B.A.A." was a hotly disputed topic on the Internet. An interesting character acquired the name of "" and set up a website (take a look at it here) about wool, sheep, generally good-humoured stuff. Then the British Airports Authority, (who had the perfectly respectable name of, decided to try to get the name by various legal means. This was odd because is just as good as as a website address, and for a British company possibly better, and also the character at was already enlightened and generous enough to put a LINK in to British Airports. Had the situation been the other way round and British Airports Authority got the .com name first, do you suppose they would have been so good as to put a link in to the woolly jumper site?

News: 2001/04. We now have an answer to that question, as the British Airports Authority has now taken over the domain and there appears to be not a single mention of either the previous occupiers or any other public-information links to other companies and organisations of that name.

For a list of other people called "BAA", you would previously have been directed to a link to, but instead now it looks like the list on this page is where to look, subject to whether we can get a link-to or a copy-of the list that was on the woolly site. News: 2002/04. You could see it at (gone) and you can also see the NEW Woolly Site at

As regards British Airports at, I wrote them an e-mail a while ago telling them how patriotic they were to have chosen to be and how it was good to see a company being proud to be British. They have not yet replied.

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