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What happened to the affiliate program of The AA on Issue125 and 126?

You may be wondering what happened to the links to The AA on this site when they mysteriously disappeared during Issue125 and 126. Well, it's not the fault of The AA, and it's not our fault either! In my opinion, the blame can be put upon Buy.at , who have upset some affiliates by trying to force them to sign a contract which really wasn't well thought-out. The result was that some affiliates refused to sign.

The AA, resourceful people that they are, were not stuck for long. They were soon up and running again with a new affiliate program, this time at TradeDoubler. As predicted, The AA were soon back on Zyra's website, and so now we look forward to being good for business in the future, as we have been in many years gone by.

The nice page about The AA is connected back up again and uncorked, and furthermore if you'd like to visit The AA for yourself, here's the link: The AA