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First Choice Holidays. Well it wouldn't be MY first choice!

Customer comment and complaint about www.FirstChoice.co.uk at Zyra's website which independently advertises many companies and takes customer satisfaction seriously.

There is currently (2006) an unresolved issue with First Choice Holidays and Sri Lanka. I am hoping the people at First Choice will see good sense and resolve my complaint properly. Until then First Choice Holidays gets the comment "First Choice Holidays? - well it wouldn't be MY first choice!".

Let's hope this is all resolved soon and we can get on with being good for business. This website promotes many good companies. Let's hope the situation doesn't turn out like Eurostar . There have only been a few situations where companies have assumed the customer can be ignored and will just go away by being fobbed off. That type of thing is not a good assumption these days now that we have The Internet

Update 2007: Still unresolved. Still, there are plenty of other Travel companies who are doing well here. As time goes on, First Choice will continue to miss out, until this is sorted out.

Update 2009: While First Choice are continuing to miss out on good business, further news has come in from the BBC's Watchdog. I am not the only person who suffered because of First Choice. Many people had a problem at a First Choice resort, and when they complained, they were fobbed off, in a strikingly familiar way! But the story has a happy ending, as a firm of lawyers managed to get First Choice to pay out a substantial compensation to all those concerned.

However, as someone on the show said, "It would have been better if First Choice had done the right thing in the first place!".

This is all a warning, because it seems to be fitting a pattern. Remember, if they've treated other customers like that, you might consider it could be you next! However, you can avoid First Choice by going with other travel companies!

Essentially, the criticism levelled at First Choice Travel is the same in so many cases: If you have a problem and you put in a complaint, they don't take you seriously, they just try to fob you off and pretend there's nothing wrong.

If you have a complaint, you should of course complain politely, as per How to Complain. But if you find you are mistreated and fobbed-off, you could write in to this site and get Your website linked from this page!

Incidentally, in my opinion, First Choice Holidays have a damn cheek to focus their advertising campaign on swimming pools. It was a complaint about a swimming pool that started the problem with First Choice. Not only did First Choice have a problem in the first place, but they failed to sort it out. The reps at the resort were part of the local assumption space, and they behaved as if they were working on behalf of the system rather than having any idea of representing the customers.

Therefore, vote with your feet, and visit other travel here.