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Air 2000
featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Air 2000. Whatever happened to Air 2000 Airline? It became First Choice Travel. Admittedly it wouldn't be MY first choice, but that's because I speak from my own experience and will tell you what I think.

Here's what First Choice / Air 2000 used to say when they were called Air 2000, which was around the year 2000 or thereabouts: "Air 2000. The award-winning leisure airline offers excellent prices on flights to over 65 destinations, departing from 22 UK airports. Flights generally start from £69 per person. Online booking is available with a £10 saving per passenger".

You could book your flight on Air 2000 online via the link that was on this page, but there was a quirk where I had to say "please note that Air 2000 can only take bookings between 7am and 10pm UK-local-time. So, if that's the time, LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE, but if you're reading this page at a time outside the UK opening-times, here's a helpful suggestion: Link HERE to bookmark Air2000 , and then come back later during UK daytime/evening and book then. It's surely worth the wait at those prices don't you think"?

Here's where the OLD LINK HERE for AIR2000 was

http://air2000.com affiliate program did good mostly too, but has at some time later gone.

There are many other travel references on Zyra's affiliate website which is about almost everything and links to a great many places around the world. As of 2006/07 we're hoping to get an outstanding complaint issue with First Choice sorted out amicably. Until the complaint is resolved I can't recommend First Choice, and I hope you have better luck arranging your travel. Have fun!