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Okay stop the sniggering Lovesac are an alternative furniture company. Please keep it clean when using this website!


"No, LoveSac.com is not a dirty website, LoveSac is not just another furniture retailer, or brand of bland designs.

Each core LoveSac product is a legitimate furniture invention, with patents to prove it. The 'Sacs' that made LoveSac famous, put simply, are massively oversized bean bags filled with chopped Durafoam instead of styrene beads, and comes with a two-lifetime guarantee never to go flat, or break.Lovesac

The Durafoam is far more comfortable and resilient than beanbag beans—more like a gigantic pillow, than a stiff beanbag. LoveSac's latest invention, the Sactionals, is a cross between upholstery and Legos. With lifetime guaranteed wood frames upholstered in foam and fabric, Sactionals consist of 2 simple pieces, 'Bases' and 'Sides,' that can be combined in any quantity in any configuration imaginable to build any furniture desired—no tools necessary.

'Sactionals pieces' patented dimensional relationship allow for this uncanny and limitless modularity, where, even in strange configurations, like the 'Twister,' the 'Play Pen,' or the 'Guest Rest,' all of the pieces line up perfectly, and snap together with ease using the simple, patented hardware included — much like Lego".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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