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Jayakarta Hotels and Resorts


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Would you like to try a break in Indonesia this year? If you would, then look no further than Jayakarta Hotels and Resorts. There are seven hotels to choose from, so you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Jayakarta Hotels and Resorts:

"Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts is a well-respected establishment classified as a 4 stars middle-up size hotel management company.

They currently manage 7 hotels, 2 boutique suites and 1 residential condominium in various business and resort areas in Indonesia, with over 1,600 rooms in total.

This chain is enjoying the reputation of providing efficient and high quality or services which are the primary aspects leading to good occupancy and average rate.

Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts consists of hospitality industry professionals with long and enviable track records in the hotel business. The company's 'client oriented' culture facilitates obtaining results that meet and exceed expectations".

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Jayakarta Hotels and Resorts

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