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Great interiors seem to have home accents from the Inhabit website. There's everything from bedding to throws and scatter cushions to lighting. Find out more about them below.


"Hello. We know just about every website has an 'About Us' section, and not wanting to disappoint we too thought we should have one. There is really nothing magical or mysterious that we can put in here to coax you into liking our products. InhabitYou either like it or you don't. Hopefully the former.

What we can tell you is we are a husband & wife design team; lucky enough to find someone who shares an equal passion for design. Not just design for the Home, but an overall appreciation for design and the design process in general. This good fortune allows us to spend a lot of time talking about design, thinking about design and designing without being absent from our personal commitments to one another.

With Inhabit we never really made a specific commitment to develop products for one category within the home. We really just act on our gut feeling about whether a product idea is Inhabitright for the Inhabit brand and can we produce it and sell it for an affordable price? We design everything from scratch. We are not just private labeling existing designs or making pillows or bedding from someone's fabrics. These are our sketches, thoughts and ideas brought to life in the Inhabit line.

We feel the uniqueness of our line can be attributed to the fact that we probably don't think like normal textile and product designers. We were both schooled as graphic designers and have owned and operated Planet 10, an award-winning brand development firm since 1996.Inhabit

It has never been about the awards or recognition that come from design. It has always been about finding out what the brand is truly about, who it's customer is and being true to that no matter what. Inhabit is never going to a be a brand for everyone. But, isn't that the point?"

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