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Deal or No Deal

The famous game show "Deal or No Deal" was especially notable for the element of suspense, in which people watching could see a contestant having to make some judicious decisions on whether to gamble. It was very tense, and people were keen to egg-on the contestant to do as well as possible, as they had considerable sympathy for the person and could imagine themselves in the same position, having to decide whether to accept the deal, or to say "no deal" and make another gamble.Deal or No Deal

Up against the contestant were: 1. The odds (which were quite good, as it was a TV show) and 2. The Banker. The Banker was a mysterious character who communicated through an old-style telephone to make the next offer to the contestant. The Banker, like a bookmaker, made businesslike decisions on how much to offer the contestant for "a deal". However, such offers tended to be on the low side in relation to the actual probability.

The TV show proved to be hugely successful and had very good ratings, and was on at peak viewing time in the UK.

The main thing the show lacked was that the people watching couldn't be part of the action, the actual Deal or No Deal gambling, and they wanted to be. So, since then, several enterprising gambling companies have set up their own Deal or No Deal online gambling game, so YOU can take part. Here are some...

Ladbrokes Deal or No Deal

Mecca Deal or No Deal

and PKR Casino who have their own Deal or No Deal section.Mecca Bingo

William Hill's "Deal or No Deal" game can be accessed via the page of William Hill Bingo off the "Games" section.

So, if you'd like to try your hand at Deal or No Deal, it's up to you. Please bear in mind, though, that the contestants on the TV show had nothing to lose but their anonymity, whereas if you play Deal or No Deal at one of these Deal or No Deal houses, you'll be expected to gamble some money. Now of course, gambling is supposed to be fun, and as with Roulette, you are expected to put some ofPKR Casino your own money at risk in order to give yourself a chance of winning. However, don't gamble more than you can afford to lose! Gambling is supposed to be fun, so HAVE FUN! Or alternatively, just say "no deal" and keep your money, in the smug satisfaction that you haven't risked it. There's plenty of other interesting stuff at this site!

Now for those of you who are still reading, here's the sort of dilemma which a contestant would find themselves in. This is a simplified example. Supposing you are playing Deal or No Deal, and you get the following situation:

You can choose box A or box B, and you know for a fact that one of the boxes contains £300 and the other contains fifty pence or something like that. If you were to choose one box at random you'd win on average £150, but The Banker then phones up and offers you the following deal: "You can have £100 instead". So, what do you do?

Although the £100 DEAL is less than the probabilistic average amount you would win if you took the NO DEAL gamble (£150), the £100 (if you choose to accept it) is a certainty, whereas the £300 on a 50:50 chance has a strong element of risk.

It's an interesting ramification of Deal or No Deal situations like this, that if the amount of money involved is not huge, you can afford to take a gamble much more easily. However, supposing the amounts were millions, then as ANY win would change your lifestyle for the better, it is sometimes better to accept a lower "deal" than a risky "no deal", because of the subjective differences at the higher end.

In case you're interested, I've also got an interesting explanation about bookies as well!

The game "Secret Fortune" is a TV game show which is by the National Lottery and has some similarities with Deal or No Deal.