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create and celebrate

Create something special with Cocodot. Don't settle for boring shop bought invitations or greetings, go online and design your own printed or digital ones.


"Cocodot strives to elevate self-expression. In doing so, Cocodot makes printed and digital invitations & Cocodotgreetings an acceptable alternative to ad-supported online services.

Their goal is to add beauty and simplicity to all correspondence around weddings, showers, dinner parties and other important life events. The Cocodot service will help you save money on custom design and postage & printing as well as managing guest correspondence.

Cocodot.com is the destination site for those who love design and take pride in the way they communicate. At Cocodot.com you will:

- Design beautiful printed and ad-free online invitations.

- Send unique digital and printed greetings.

- Create a custom event home page.

- Efficiently manage responses & communicate with guests.

- Post invitations, greetings and comments to social networks".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!


http://cocodot.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction

Update: I have written to Cocodot 2012/06/21 to ask them to amend their decision to miss out. It would be a shame to have to bung this page up. They did not reply, and then the CJ links came up with "not found", so we can presume they have been lost. Oh well, it's now time to bung up this page. We have many other fashion connections here, and Cocodot will be welcomed back if they have a new affiliate program and talk to us.