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The planet Ceres - Dwarf Planet

The Goddess Ceres - Roman goddess of the harvest, growing plants, and motherly love

www.ceres.org - coalition of investors and environmentalists for sustainable prosperity

www.ceres.net - energy crop company

www.ceres.org.au - Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies

http://ceres.ca.gov - California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

www.ceres.co.nz - Ceres Enterprises New Zealand - the organics people

Ceres Power - fuel cell technology

http://ceres.fss.uu.nl - research and development in the Netherlands

www.ceres.co.za - Ceres Fruit Juices of South Africa

Ceres Global.nl - Dutch shipping company - was www.ceresglobal.nl

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Notice how a large percentage of the companies and organisations called CERES have something environmental or agricultural about them, possibly a reference to the Roman goddess Ceres. Also, many acronyms fit, so the name seems to reappear.