Carmel Limo

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Carmel Limo

Carmel Limo "will be there for you". They have a vast range of different vehicles for you to choose from, to suit all tastes and requirements.

Carmel Limo:

"Carmel Car and Limousine Service

Carmel Limousine: New York City Airport Limousine Service, NY: With the best prices since 1978.

'We will be there for you....'.

Carmel Limo offers limousine service in New York City, NY Airport and surrounding areas with State of the Art Reservation & Dispatch System.

With a fleet of over 600 late model Lincoln Town Cars, over 20 new stretch limousines, 3 SUV super stretched and over 40 Mini-Vans & large passenger Vans, we have succeeded in providing the kind of service we believe our customers deserve in New York City, simple, smooth, and affordable.

Carmel Nationwide Limousine Service

Carmel Nationwide service in the major 52 cities around the United States has adopted the same business model that has made Carmel the leading consumer Car service in the New York City metro area, offering great convenience to the travelling public of a Lincoln Town Cars at a reasonable price.

We will be there for you ...."

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