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Boscolo Hotels

Boscolo Hotels

A Destination In A Destination

Are you a high roller, who appreciates the finer things in life? If so, then Boscolo Hotels should be your choice, as they offer the Italian principles of elegance, courtesy and good taste.

Boscolo Hotels:

"The Boscolo Group has been active in the tourism industry for over thrirty years.

Established in Venice in 1978, over the years the Boscolo Group has grown to become a international operator, without losing its Italian identity.

Boscolo Hotels works in the hotel hospitality industry, managing highly prestigious hotels, in important Italian and European tourist and business cities.

Today Boscolo Hotels controls 21, four or five star hotels, by two company named BH4 S.p.A. and BH5 S.p.A.

All Boscolo Hotels are aimed at a high-level international clientele and are inspired by the Italian principles of elegance, courtesy and good taste, and present themselves as ambassadors of fine Italian living around the world".

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Boscolo Hotels

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