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Barefoot Tess

Barefoot Tess

Girls with big feet no longer need to go barefoot, thanks to the pioneering work of the mother of Tess. At Barefoot Tess, there are masses of shoes to choose, regardless of your foot size.

Barefoot Tess:

"Who’s Tess?

Tess is a city girl. Tess is smart. Tess is sassy. Tess loves high fashion.

Best of all, Tess is a real, live person. Now in her early 20's, Tess has had a size 11 foot for as long as she can remember.

Sadly, most stores have never recognized the existence of her size 11 feet. When she would spot that perfect shoe, and ask to see it in a size 11, she was met with a blank stare, or perhaps a suggestion that she look for something in a 'comfort' shoe.

So for years, Tess wore flip-flops, even in the dead of winter. Seeing her daughter barefoot in the snow was the last straw for Tess' mother. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

Today, under the fitting name Barefoot Tess, she designs her own line of large shoes, and works with popular shoe companies to provide fun, fashionable shoes for women with large feet.

Thanks to Barefoot Tess, women and girls like Tess need never go barefoot again".

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Barefoot Tess

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