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UK My Messenger

UK My Messenger

Talk to all of your MSN contacts on your mobile phone when you sign up to UK My Messenger. There's no need to have software installed.

UK My Messenger:

"MyMessenger is the mobile alternative (Instant Messaging or IM) of the globally renowned MSN webversion.

It enables you to chat with all your MSN contacts on your mobile phone without installing complicated software. By using MyMessenger on your mobile phone it is possible to chat anywhere at anytime.

MyMessenger works on nearly every mobile phone that supports wap or mobile internet. MyMessenger provides you with a unique tool to chat with all your buddies.

MyMessenger is a service of cross media specialist FSP Mobile. FSP Mobile has been successfully active in different kinds of mobile services and wireless solutions for many years.

They were one of the pioneers of the first ringtones and wallpapers for mobile phones".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.mymessenger.nu/ affiliate program is with Webgains