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Hotels in Mallorca and Menorca. You choose, You enjoy

Which of these islands would you like to holiday on, Mallorca or Menorca? Visit Prinsotel and they will find you the best choice of accommodation on each. The Prinsotel description now follows in Spanish and in English...


"Prinsotel es una cadena hotelera fundada en 1986. Dos décadas de experiencia y la profesionalidad avalan la calidad de nuestros hoteles.

Prinsotel dispone de 5 hoteles y apartamentos en Mallorca y Menorca, en las mejores playas, están diseñados para unas vacaciones en familia o pareja.

El personal altamente cualificado, el respeto especial por el medio ambiente, sus grandes jardines con piscinas y su exquisita gastronomía hacen la estancia en Prinsotel aún mas agradable.

Prinsotel is a hotel chain founded in 1986. It owns 5 hotels located in the islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Two decades of experience and professionalism support the quality of our hotels.

Prinsotel offers 5 hotels and apartments in Majorca and Minorca, all in the best beaches, specially designed for family holidays or couples.

Our highly qualified staff, our special respect for the environment, our large gardens with swimming pools and our exquisite gastronomy all add to the value of your stay at Prinsotel".

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