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Austrian Airlines flights to Kazakhstan, Iraq, Bulgaria, and other unusual travel destinations

If you'd like to travel to places which aren't on the conventional tourist track, Austrian Airlines may be of interest. So, whereas your friends might go on holiday to Benidorm or the Costa del Sol, you can go to places which they associate more with News At Ten rather than The Travel Show! The following is a message arriving from Austrian Airlines in summer 2007, so it's no longer current, but it is an example typical of a type of adventurous travelling which is likely to continue:

News to Austrian Airlines flight scheduleAustrian Airlines

Astana - three times weekly to the capital of Kazakhstan

From 3 August 07 Austrian Airlines will be flying to Astana in Kazakhstan. The capital impresses with modern architecture and becomes the economical and political center of the country. Astana also offers something for your cultural interest: enjoy new mosques and monuments before you relax in one of the numerous parks of Astana.

The schedule Vienna-Astana-Vienna in detail:

Flight days Departure Arrival
Flight Tue, Fri, Son. OS 697: Vienna 20.35 h Astana 05.55 h (+1)
Flight Mon, Wed, Sat. OS 698: Astana 07.00 h Vienna 09.00 h

Austrian Airlines - the first European airlines to fly to Iraq

ErbilErbil in Iraq, is situated next to the Turkish and Iranian border. It is characterized by its unique location atop a 30-metre high plateau formed from the ruins of the city over thousands of years of history. Erbil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited centers of population in the world today. Today, with a population approaching one million people, Erbil is the fourth-largest city in Iraq, and the fastest-growing in the country.

The schedule Vienna-Erbil-Vienna in detail:

Flight days Departure Arrival
Mon, Wed, Frid OS829 dep. Vienna 10.20 h Erbil 16:05 h
Mon, Wed, Fri OS830 dep. Erbil 17:00 h arr. Vienna 19:05 h

A fourth weekly flight (Sundays) will be added - effective 01 July 2007.

To Bourgas with Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines has launched a service of 3 flights a week to the beach resort of Bourgas in Bulgaria. The largest harbour town in the country is located directly on the picturesque Black Sea coast. Business people can find in Bourgas a perfect platform for connections to the economical markets of the Black Sea region and Asia.The `sun beach´ to the south of the city is a real insider tip for sun-worshippers and water rats alike, boasting a Mediterranean climate along 30 km of sandy beaches and the best possible water quality!

The schedule Vienna-Bourgas-Vienna in detail:

Flight days Departure Arrival
Tue, Thu, Son. OS 793: Vienna 10.30 h Bourgas 13.30 h
Tue, Thu, Son. OS 794: Bourgas 15.20 h Vienna 16.30 h

Austrian Airlines - your specialist to Eastern Europe

Austrian Airlines - continues to pioneer and add new destinations to it's Eastern & Central Europe network. Read more about Bourgas, Ekaterinburg, Donetsk, Iasi, Sibiu and Ostrava.

Trackable deep link for more information about Austrian Airlines new destinations in Eastern & Central Europe:


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The information on this page was up to date news when it was first published, but it's just a snapshot of what was happening at the time. To get a more recent update, see Austrian Airlines

Update 2008/02: Despite such optimism as "Even more to come!" and a generally progressive feeling at the affiliate marketing company, this arrangement has sadly come to an end and this page has had to be bunged up. So now what to do? Well for travel guides there's still Lonely Planet, and for exotic travel to exotic places, there's Kuoni, and there are other intriguing interesting possibilities hidden within the page of travel companies which you might like to explore! After all this work on getting pages up about Austrian Airlines it is a shame that it's no longer connected up here. I hope they decide to come back, and then we can get on with promoting them and being good for business!