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Arcea Hoteles

Make sure you treat yourself to a break in the Asturias this year. Visit the Arcea Hoteles website and relax in Northern Spain.

Arcea Hoteles:

"Arcea Hotels is a the leading hotel chain in Asturias and has 13 charming establishments in the North of Spain.

All the hotels and apartment buildings are located in the most attractive and natural of settings in Asturias.

As well as the rustic architectural features of the properties, they are both up to date and comfortable. Many of its hotels are also certified with the 'Q' of Quality Tourism, which reflects the standards of excellence in all the company's services.

Arcea Hoteles es una de las cadenas hoteleras principales de Asturias y cuenta con 13 establecimientos con encanto en el norte de España.

Todos los hoteles y apartamentos se encuentran en los enclaves naturales, tanto en el entorno rural como en la costa, siempre rodeados de un ambiente agradable, familiar y tranquilo.

Se caracterizan por entremezclar elementos arquitectónicos rústicos junto con tendencias modernas, siempre buscando además el máximo confort".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Arcea Hoteles

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