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Ortak Jewellery

Treat yourself to some designer silver jewellery from Orkney's Ortak Jewellery. You don't have to visit one of their High Street stores, you can now buy online.

Ortak Jewellery:

"UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Classic and Contemporary Designer Jewellery.

Founded in 1967 and with 15 shops in the UK we also supply many independent jewellers and major chains worldwide.

ORTAK Jewellery's success is based upon its early principles which are still held today - innovative design, caring craftmanship, impeccable quality and real value for money.

The traditional skills of the silversmith handed down over decades, are still in use in our workshops in Orkney where we produce stylish jewellery which is sold and admired throughout the world".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Ortak Jewellery

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