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It may seem a bit strange that there's any other Ipswitch than the English town of Ipswich, but curiously there's a software company whose name is made up from the idea of IP (Internet Protocol) and "Switch", hence, "Ipswitch".

Town of Ipswich - see, not quite the same spelling, ie not Ipswitch Town!

Ipswitch (software company)

We're not quite sure what the folk in the town of Ipswich UK think to a software company apparently naming themselves after the town, but it's one of those quirks about the Internet. Maybe Ipswich could consider itself to have something in common with the Pacific tropical island of Tuvalu, which has done quite well out of the Internet. Can you imagine, driving along the road and seeing a sign that says "Welcome to Ipswich - twinned with the pacific island of Tuvalu".