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At Tuiss it's not the blind leading the blind. They're the leading manufacturer of affordable luxury green mantle blinds.


"Your Home, Our World

Nobody as far as we could see was designing beautiful blinds, displaying them on an equally beautiful and friendly website and selling them at affordable prices.

What’s more we believed that the blind industry was woefully behind other industries in taking up the green mantle. As a result tuiss and our three touchstones were born.

Perfect for the customer who wants to spend just that little bit more... the tuiss collection of affordable luxury blinds.

Our three touchstones are Affordable Luxury, Greener by Nature and Better by Design.

Affordable Luxury

Affordable luxury is great design, the very finest materials and the latest styles. Covetable but affordable, every single tuiss blind is custom made especially for you in our UK workshops...

Greener by Nature

Indulge your home, be kinder to our world. Join us in working towards a greener future. There’s always things we can do to be greener, our Green Team reviews all aspects of our operations and keeps us on our toes. The team works with bodies such as the Carbon Trust and envirowise to make sure that our business is as responsible as it can be...

Better by Design

It's not just about choosing the finest fabrics, the best timbers, or the perfectly formed aluminium slat. In blinds, as in life, it's the little details that matter and separate the great from the simply good...".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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