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Tru Diamonds

Tru Diamonds

The World's Best Simulated Diamonds

Why pay more for your jewellery? Can you really afford to buy real diamonds? Have a look at Tru Diamonds and see how you can obtain the look at a fraction of the price.

Tru Diamonds:

"Tru-Diamonds™ is the worldwide trademark of Monark Global Limited. This trademark is your assurance of the world’s best simulated diamonds.

Tru - DiamondsTM are the amazing man-made gems that give you the look ... the fire .. and brilliance of the very finest quality mined diamonds, at a fraction of the price.

On your hand, Tru-DiamondsTM simulated diamonds look so much like a fine grade diamond ring that even a professional Jeweller can't tell the difference without closer inspection or special testing.

Similar rings crafted in diamonds and gold retail at over £10,000, a genuine Tru - DiamondsTM ring starts from just £99".

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