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Time Away Villas

Indulge yourself, with a luxurious villa in Italy's most sought after locations. Book yours now at Time Away Villas, before they have all gone!

Time Away Villas:

"Timeaway Travel Ltd (T/A Ville in Italia), is the UK subsidiary of Ville in Italia, a leading Italian operator providing quality self-catering holiday apartments and villas throughout Italy.

Timeaway Villas has a portfolio of more than 320 properties to suit all budgets.

The properties can be found in the most sought after locations including Tuscany, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.

The combined experience of our members of staff both in the UK and in Italy enables us to offer a first hand knowledge of our properties and the regions of Italy.

The portfolio ranges from city apartments, rustic farmhouses to luxury villas, towers and castles, a good percentage are second homes and therefore, impeccably furnished with style".

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Time Away Villas

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