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Russian Link Exchange

Добрый день! (Greetings!)

Well done! to Russian LinkExchange for providing Zyra.org.uk with an arrangement by which:

Besides the obvious fact that this should help to publicise Zyra's website across the wider world, the reciprocal arrangement provides us with this International advertising television room where you can see an ever-changing vista of Russian links, and you can link through into a whole new world of possibilities.


Great, isn't it?! A bit like having a New United States a few years after the Declaration of Independence, just next door to Europe.

Russian LinkExchange specialises in sites based in lands which were part of the Soviet Union. Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic, quite a wide area from Moscow to Vladivostok. If you are not in that area and would like to talk to Russian LinkExchange about an arrangement, you can! Take a look at www.linkexchange.ru . If you can speak Russian that will help, but it is not essential. When I signed up, all the Cyrillic and Russian I knew, I'd learnt from the album sleeve of Zoolook by Jean Michel Jarre! But, some help in site translation can be got from http://babel.altavista.com . And, the people at Russian LinkExchange Technical Support are very helpful!

It's sad, but www.linkexchange.ru seems to have disappeared.

Interestingly, though, there's now a British company that's doing something very similar. It's UK Banners, which is a banner exchange system based in the UK.