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Remote Control Cars

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Trend TimesAirsoft Remote Control

Nitro RCX

Hobby Partz

Hobby Tron

Airsoft RC

Xenon Project

Mini Model Shop - Some of the cars are radio-controlled


RC Car Warehouse - Radio Controlled Rc Cars And Trucks - not to be confused with Carphone Warehouse

www.smmcc.co.uk - Snetterton Park Model Car Club

www.brca.org - the British Racing (or is that Radio?) Car Association

www.tamiya.comParamount Zone micro car

www.racing-cars.com - Schumacher Racing

Paramount Zone - remote controlled car "not much bigger than a 50p piece"

...and others. No doubt I will receive helpful suggestions for additions to this page by e-mail

Radio Controlled Cars are the main subject of this page. However, here's a reference which has some similarity in that it's about radio-controlled vehicles of some sort, except these are of the flying type. Radio Controlled Helicopters - they're specialists.