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Raw Garden

Quality garden furniture and accessories at Raw Garden. There's no buy cheap, buy twice here. Better still they try to use sustainable timber, where possible.Raw Garden

Raw Garden:

"Founded in 1999, Rawgarden specialises in supplying a wide range of quality garden furniture and accessories. Six years on and and this winter we moved to our new premises with extensive warehousing, and state of the art IT in order to maximise efficiency.

Back in 1999 we launched our first teak garden furniture products at the Country Living Exhibition in London. The online store was launched in late 2002. Since then we have seen business steadily grow, now around 95% of rawgarden business is through the website. We have always aimed to provide an unbeatable combination of competitive prices and good customer service.Raw Garden

A lot of our products you will not find in a garden centre, the reason for this is that garden centres cater for the mass market and therefore have a limited selection. We cater for the discerning purchaser looking for expert advice and something different. The extra build quality and depth of range of the garden products available is second to none.

Wood Products

Rawgarden is committed to using sustainable timber from managed plantations and where possible FSC certified wood".

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Raw Garden

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