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Purse Tails

Perhaps the term Handbag Hooks is more familiar if you live in the UK. Purse Tails make them to keep your handbag off the floor and within your field of vision.

Purse Tails:

"Purse Tails is a leading supplier of quality Handbag hooks, handbag hangers and other women’s accessories.

So what is a handbag hook?

A handbag hook is a pretty, functional clip that you can attach to a table and hang your handbag on. It also slips into the smallest of handbags taking up almost no room at all! They also come with a smart velvet pouch to keep them safe.

A handbag hook not only keeps ladies handbags off nasty dirty floors but also deters thieves who might attempt to steal a handbag from an unsuspecting owner whilst it’s hiding under their chair.

The handbag hook also makes a great talking point. Our customers are amazed by the comments they get whilst out in pubs and restaurants from staff and other who might just happen to pass by.

Purse Tails also stock their own range of handmade brooches. Each brooch is entirely unique and completely original as they are all carefully made by hand. The photo you see on the site is the product you buy! These brooches are the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion.

Who are Purse Tails?

Pursetails was established in the UK in 2008 and has steadily grown to an established online business that strives to supply a personal service, fast delivery and quality products. Pursetails supply products mostly within the UK but has seen market growth in both mainland Europe and now the USA.

All products are sourced and chosen carefully from a variety of manufacturers. Some are imported from the Far East in large batches, others carefully and lovingly handmade in the UK".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Purse Tails

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