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Post Office Pet Insurance

Years ago, the only way you could get the Post Office to insure a pet was if you put your pet in the post! However, now that business diversification has happened, with the AA and RAC insuring plumbing etc, sure enough, the Post Office offers pet insurance!

Here's what they say:

"Our pets bring years of happiness and companionship into our lives and for many people are part of the family so give your pets the cover they deserve.

Your cat may have 9 lives but with veterinary costs increasing, it has never been more important to cover your pet for treatment. Whilst a dog may well be a man’s best friend, without insurance they could end up costing you thousands of pounds following an injury, illness or accident.

Post Office® Pet Insurance can help ease the cost of caring for your pet".

A few other details are mentioned about Post Office Pet Insurance:

* No 12-month limit on claims: Even if the treatment lasts more than 12 months your claim will still be paid as long as your premiums are up to date.

* No maximum age limit for vet fees cover a simple excess payment per condition, making it easy to budget Overseas cover - Your pet will be covered should it need treatment while abroad.

* Death, theft, loss and some specialist treatment covered.

* Costly vet bills while giving your pet the care it needs help with the cost to get your pet back if it becomes lost or stolen you’ll receive a 5% discount on your standard premium for every additional pet you insure with us".

I wonder if those 5% discounts for each additional pet are cumulative?!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

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Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. Post Office® Pet Insurance is provided by AXA Services Ltd and underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.