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Lord of the Rings

Otherland Toys: Lord of the Rings merchandise

If you seek the Ring, the Sword, or the Candlestick - it's available here.

Otherland Toys sets out to find the most innovative and hard-to-get products. To that effect, Otherland Toys has a promotion on Lord of the Rings merchandise. Here's some of the promotional material...

"With over 100 Million copies sold in over 40 languages, millions have grown up with "Lord of the Rings", the classic epic tale!

J.R.R. Tolkien's phenomenal epic trilogy chronicles the struggle between good and evil for possession of a magical ring, lost for centuries, that can shift the balance of power in the world.

"One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them
all and in darkness bind them"

Here we list the price of our vastly expanded Lord of the Rings product range...

1) The Witchking (Ring Wraith) sword - £249.00
2) Sting Sword - £175.00 HOT SELLER
3) Gandalf's Sword - £249.00
4) Strider's Sword - £249.00 NEW ITEM
5) Sword of Arwen - £249.00 NEW ITEM & HOT SELLER
6) King Elendil's Narsil Sword - £249.00 NEW ITEM & HOT SELLER
7) Scimitar of the Uruk Hai (Orc?) - £119.00 NEW ITEM
8) The One Ring - £23.95 HOT SELLER
9) Gollum Snow Globe - £44.95 HOT SELLER
10) Balrog Candle Holder - £39.95
11) Witch King Candle Holder - £24.95 HOT SELLER
12) Miniature collectible Sting Sword - £32.95
13) Miniature collectible Glamdring Sword - £32.95
14) Miniature collectible Witchking Sword - £32.95
15) Special pack of all 3 miniature Swords - £93.85

(If you take your fantasy seriously, you may wish to help to amend some the wording here. Someone has already pointed out that the inscription around the One Ring would of course be in the language of Mordor and obviously not in Elvish as was at some point stated!) e-mail

To actually see about owning some of this equipment, please link here:

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(be patient if it takes a while to load - it's worth it!)

Please note that Otherland Toys and affiliates take no responsibility for any magical perils that may befall customers trying on The One Ring etc. This does not affect your statutory rights under the laws of Middle Earth.