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The NO STRESS page

This NO STRESS page is used as a patch for replacing any particular page which has become a source of disagreement or argument. By replacing the page in question with this page, peace is again restored and we can then see about restoring good diplomatic relations. Sometimes the page that was previously here was a nice page promoting some company whom we like to promote, as per the usual dedicated pages, but then a bit of a ding-dong started to occur, and, rather than get into an unseemly row we have instead just bunged it up! If it's YOUR company that's been so bunged up, it would be nice if you would get into friendly discussions so we can get back to being good for business. In the meantime, customers, you're welcome to have a look at other businesses who are happy to be featured at Zyra's website, for example those at the Shopping Portal and those at the Famous Brand Names, and many other Categories at this interesting unusual website. Zyra likes to be on good terms with everyone! Also, people who work for Zyra (to develop and maintain the substantial Zyra website) are generally quite nice and friendly when you get to know them, especially if treated with respect! Incidentally, if you have happened to chance upon this page by luck, in the search for a solution to stress, you might like to view the page Cheer Me Up which is quite popular and well-liked.

Note to ourselves: When customising this page to patch up some particular case of irritation, for example to bung up a page where a company is starting to upset us, it's usual to add extra touches to the page where appropriate, keep the head with all the old meta-tags as per the replaced page, link to the appropriate category and offer folks other links to other companies as an alternative to the source of the problem, and to remove this note at the end of the page to tidy it all up.