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Nessie will be pleased to have a fashion label named after her! It's Ness one of the coolest Scottish fashion labels around.


"Ness is an independent fashion and lifestyle label injecting high street verve and good humoured irreverence into tartan, an iconic season staple, to produce a look which is chic, individual and fun.

NessIn step with the current trend for bold statement style, Ness uses brilliant colours and cheeky reinterpretation of classic plaid and check pieces to steer tartan away from its highlands, heather and honey image into the mainstream fashion stakes.

Ness’s collection of mini kilts, cute cropped jackets, skirt suits, vibrant knitwear, bags and simple, smart accessories is a beacon to fashionistas.

Founded in Edinburgh in 1996, Ness takes inspiration from the contemporary feel and flavour of its birthplace while genially thumbing its nose at tradition.

NessNess is all about bringing tartan and pieces like kilts into the moment and showing they can be edgy, sexy and now.

Scottish design doesn’t have to be all shortbread and country houses. We pay homage to custom through the use of tartan in a way that is more inclusive, stylish and we hope fun. Our look is chic and ageless".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!


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