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Please Note: MovieGallery.com only accepts orders for delivery in the U.S.

"We will be the dominant entertainment source for video and video game rental and sale in rural and secondary markets in the United States."

MovieGallery.com is a place where you can get New & Used Movies on VHS & DVD for delivery anywhere in the USA!

In the words of MovieGallery "The biggest box office flicks and the deepest selection of movie classics anywhere. ...A selection of more than 50,000 movies. Our Used Movies on VHS & DVD are a great bargain and play just as good as new! We offer a 30-day 100% Quality Guarantee to prove it!"

Meanwhile here is some of the history and background of MovieGallery, in the words of MovieGallery themselves:

MovieGalley.com, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Movie Gallery, Inc., which owns and operates 1600 video specialty stores in 41 U.S. states and Canada.

Movie Gallery was formed in 1985 by Joe Malugen and Harrison Parrish in Dothan, Alabama. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, M.G.A., Inc., the Company's founders began operating video specialty stores in southern Alabama and the Florida panhandle, and franchising the Movie Gallery store concept. By June 1987 the Company-owned five stores and had a franchise operation of 45 stores. In 1988, the Company began to consolidate the franchisees into Company owned stores. By 1992, The Company had a total of 37 stores and annual revenues of $6 million.

Given the Company's rural roots, it was a natural progression that Movie Gallery would concentrate on building new stores in smaller towns and cities. Additionally, the rapidly growing and very profitable video rental industry had grown primarily as an industry built by a large number of entrepreneurs, each of whom had a relatively small number of locations. With this in mind, Messers. Malugen and Parrish set out to consolidate the industry through the acquisition of various "mom and pop" operators. By 1994, the Company had grown to 73 stores with annual revenues of $12 million.

In order to execute the strategy on a broad basis, in August 1994, the Company completed an initial public offering of its stock. With the proceeds from this offering, the Company began to quickly complete acquisitions of various video chains, primarily in the southeast. In early 1995, the Company raised additional public funds and continued the acquisition and development of stores. By the middle of 1996, only 22 months after beginning its aggressive expansion strategy, Movie Gallery had grown to over 850 stores through over 100 separate acquisitions. Additionally, the Company had grown from less than 700 associates to employing over 6,000 associates in more than 24 states reaching from Texas to Maine, and Florida to Wisconsin.

From late 1996 through 1998, the Company devoted its time and energy toward completing systems development, building its infrastructure, improving its balance sheet position, and refocusing its attention on its rural and secondary market strategy. Additionally, since the Company consisted primarily of many different acquisitions, the Company developed its operational systems and philosophy from a conglomeration of the best practices within the video industry, while at the same time instilling the fundamental Movie Gallery culture.

Having successfully achieved the goals set in 1996 through 1998, the company then turned to 1999. The Company had once again accelerated its growth strategy by announcing plans to build over 100 new stores per year and completing the 88 store acquisition of Blowout Entertainment in May. In the first year of the new millennium, Movie Gallery again set its goal at opening 100 new stores and relocating 25. This goal was not only met but surpassed. Movie Gallery has set the year 2001 goal to not only match but surpass the goal set in 2000.

Today*(2002) Movie Gallery is the third largest video specialty retailer in the United States with over 1000 stores, and is the proud employer of over 8,500 associates in 32 states.

In addition, with the launch of www.moviegallery.com, through a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary, Movie Gallery is expanding the traditional bricks and mortar retailing strategy with the capabilities of 21st century technology.

Given the quality of our associates and the loyalty of our customers, the future is very bright for Movie Gallery. Every day we get closer to making our mission statement a reality:

"We will be the dominant entertainment source for video and video game rental and sale in rural and secondary markets in the United States."

News 2003/11: A friendly message was posted at Commission Junction to say "Thanks to Everyone, but we're no longer selling movies online". That's a pity. Oh well, here's a few other places where we've got links at this site: VIDEO AND DVD PAGE

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