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Mexicana Silver Jewellery

Mexicana - distinctively styled Sterling silver jewellery. "Mexicana.co.uk Features jewellery sculptured with Mexican passion. Distinctively styled .925 Sterling silver. Our collection comes from Taxco (pronounced Tasco) - The home of Mexico's finest silversmiths"Mexicana

"The quality, the diversity of design, and the sheer originality of Mexican silver jewellery first caught my interest during visits to Mexico, and especially Taxco, over a number of years.

During this time I fell for its people, their lifestyle, and language.

MexicanaSomehow all this made sense of the decision to offer the skills of Mexico's silversmiths to the British market. Here, I felt, was a growing need for genuine hand-originated pieces at accessible prices - in preference to soulless machine-made designs.

Mexicana first started to import in April 1999, and since then my products and designs haveMexicana proven so popular that I decided to offer my products over the internet. With the help of Studio24 we have put together a site that allows easy, no nonsense shopping. I have always been in favour of simplicity and that is reflected in my prices, the price you see is the price you pay. I hope that you to will find something you like".

Richard Wethered
Mexicana Silver Jewellery

The link was here to visit MEXICANA

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