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Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

Get insurance for your furry friends with Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance. You can always pop in and buy some pet food later!

Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance:

"Plenty to wag your tail about...

We all love our pets. Muddy paws. Hair all over the sofa. They're part of the family. Wouldn't be without them. But what happens if they get ill, get lost, have an accident or cause one? Who'll take care of them then? Who'll foot the bill?

The answer should be a well-trained and obedient owner with good pet insurance. And if you insure with Marks & Spencer, you'll be wagging your tail when you discover that it can cost you a lot less than you'd think".

Now here is a summary of the pet insurance policy details 2008/10:

• Save 15% if you apply online
• Available for dogs and cats aged 8 weeks and over with no upper age limit
• Vet’s bills covered up to £7000 a year, with treatment as long as it’s needed provided you keep your policy renewed
• Save 10% for each additional pet you insure
• Lifetime cover for cats and dogs
• Up to £7,000 veterinary fees each year (An excess of £40 to £80 and 15% of claim may apply depending on pet and location.)
• Pay a small additional premium to remove your policy excess for pets aged 8 and under
• Up to £750 for complementary treatments
Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance
• Up to £2m third party liability
• Up to £1,500 for accidental death
• Up to £1,000 for death by illness
• Up to £1,500 theft or straying
• Up to £1,000 for advertising costs *
• Up to £500 reward costs
• Up to £750 for emergency kennels or cattery fees
• Up to £2,500 holiday cancellation
• Free pet travel cover
• Free Helplines

(details correct at the time of update 2008/10. For a more definitive version that's precisely up-to-date, you'll have to visit their site, coming up on the following link)

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link so you can apply online:


Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

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* Advertising costs? That's in case your pet goes missing, you can put up advertisements saying things like "Have you seen this cat/dog? etc. Phone this number".