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London Transport Users Committee
A without prejudice personal commentary by a dissatisfied customer written about the LTUC at an independent website. Includes contact information so you can put your complaint in to the official LTUC site.

If you've got a complaint about London Transport, on the tube or on the buses, or on that glorified underground train Eurostar, you can complain to the LTUC if you like, for what good it'll do you.

The phone number last time I checked was:

LTUC: London Transport Users Committee: 020 7726 9950

The e-mail was info5@ltuc.org.uk and the web address was www.ltuc.org.uk

I would hope the LTUC make a better job of dealing with your complaints about the public transport in London than they did when I put in a complaint about Eurostar. I have never needed to complain about London Transport and I have found the service quite good. The trains and buses run mostly on time and the staff are generally courteous and helpful.

Eurostar is a totally different matter and I found the arrogance of the company was beyond belief. However, Eurostar were apparently justified in their arrogant confidence that they were immune to public accountability, as the LTUC allowed them to get away with railroading over the customer's rights with impunity. LTUC even allowed Eurostar to get away with paying less than they had promised and less even than the actual refund price of the ticket.

However, although Eurostar have escaped the justice of official public watchdogs, they have not escaped from public justice in the form of online critique. How we have freedom of speech on the Internet, corporate companies can no longer get away with assuming the customer does not matter and will just go away and not be heard. I speak as I find, and I find Eurostar undeserving of my support because of the way they mishandled my complaint.

In some ways this is a matter of discrimination against the customer because of their disability, a matter which would normally be dealt with in a serious manner, but because it's Eurostar they can apparently just get away with it!

If Eurostar had handled this situation properly, I would by now be promoting them and sending a lot of business to them as I have done for many other travel companies. So, Eurostar's uncaring approach has cost them a lot more than the price of the tickets and the fair compensation. To quote a maxim of the financially shrewd Toys R Us company, "One unsatisfied complaining customer costs the company the equivalent of 100 customers", or was it 1000?

I hope my honest online commentary costs Eurostar more than that, as I consider that's what they deserve. In fact, I would like to see Eurostar put out of business and the market opened up to fair competition by companies who treat the customer better. But what I would really like is for Eurostar and LTUC to do the right thing, see fair play, review the situation and then we can come to a more friendly and reasonable solution!

I leave that as an open possibility, in the hopes that this can all be resolved. On that optimistic note, I give LTUC my database reference which is reference 17462 /A should they wish to start to be reasonable. (Some hope!) . I could name the LTUC representative who sent me a fobbing-off response, but I'll spare them that embarrassment.

If this is, at some enlightened future time, resolved amicably, I intend to say some nicer things on these pages about the LTUC and Eurostar. Nice pages at my site are much more widespread than grumbling pages, and if you'd like to see some examples of nice pages, see Air France and Sea France !

Meanwhile, if you have a complaint about Eurostar or any of the other things which LTUC is supposed to sort out properly, you should complain to:

LTUC: London Transport Users Committee: 020 7726 9950 www.ltuc.org.uk


Please note that I am NOT the LTUC (London Transport Users Committee) and I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just so you know. This is an independent review by a customer.