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Lounge Pass

An airport trolley is uncomfortable to sit on. With Lounge Pass you get affordable airport luxury and not a metal trolley to share with your luggage.

Lounge Pass:

"Start your holiday in style and enjoy the experience of VIP travel – book an airport lounge with Lounge Pass from as little as £12. Lounge PassWith over 100 airport VIP lounges worldwide, including 17 UK airports you can add an extra touch of luxury to your next trip and make the travel experience a whole lot better.

Lounge Pass is unique amongst airport lounge access programs offering pre bookable VIP lounges worldwide not just in the UK. Our customers are not tied down to costly annual memberships. Just 4 easy steps stand between our customers and luxury lifestyle when travelling.

Lounge Pass offers great appeal within the leisure and tourism market, those looking to plan that extra special trip, and of course newlyweds jetting off on their honeymoon. Let the luxury of your holiday start before you reach your destination!"

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Lounge Pass

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