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Less Bounce
Get the right Sports Bra

Don't get droopy boobies from too much sport and not enough support! Visit Less Bounce and get the right sports bra. Keep your best shape for longer.

Less Bounce:

"Lots of choice! Choose from the world’s best sportsbras!

LessBounce sources the best sports bras in the world and supplies them direct to your home.

At LessBounce we know how hard it is to find a range of sports bras to choose from and so compiled a selection of sports bras for all sports in all sizes. The focus is on simplicity, enabling you to rapidly decide which products are the most suitable for you.Less Bounce

Keeping your bust pert for longer!

If you are a lady reading this you will be all too well aware that your bust moves when exercising! You may not know that the Coopers Ligaments, which basically hold your bust up, stretch with this movement. This stretch is irreversible! Too much bouncing and your bust will droop – permanently! In addition to this, all that movement can actually be painful for some, so it is important to minimise discomfort as well as damage to your bust. So whatever your size you should wear a properly fitting sportsbra designed for the sport you are participating in.

LessBounce offers a money back guarantee enabling you to try on sportsbras in the privacy of your own home. (Remember to imitate the movements you expect to perform in your sportsbra). If you are not happy with any product purchased it can be returned to us at LessBounce (provided it is returned with the original packaging in the condition you received it).

Constantly improving!

Extra manufacturers will be added, so do let us know if we are missing your favourite".

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Less Bounce

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