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Key Jewellery

How many jewellery products can you look at in a day? There are over 2000 at Key Jewellery. Therefore, you are not only spoilt for choice, you'll have to keep going back in case you've missed something!

Key Jewellery:

"KeyJewellery.com is a premium online jewellery brand. Specialising in silver and gold jewellery.

We have a highly creative and co-ordinated on trend collection of over 2000 products that make us one of the largest range online retailers in the UK.

We stock necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and brooches, toe rings in both gold and silver.

We also support niche markets such as high value jewellery for children and have plans for 2012 to develop a line of bridal and bridesmaids jewellery. As well as our impressive online selection, our future plans are to expand into new markets in the USA and Holland.

We are regularly featured in online press and magazines".

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Key Jewellery

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