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I Want One Of Those

If you can't find it at I Want One Of Those, you won't find it anywhere! At least that's what they would have you believe, better take a look at their site to see if it's true.

I Want One Of Those:

"I Want One of Those started off as a conversation in a pub between a bunch of mates and a cat. The cat was too young to enter the pub, but he wasn't drinking anything of an alcoholic nature. After shooting the breeze for a while, the cat announced it was a great idea, proving that the three friends had, indeed, been drinking more than was humanly good for the correct functioning of their judgment.

Nevertheless, in a blaze of optimism, they decided to give it a go and in 1999 they started work on the original site from a small bedroom. They started trading in January 2000 and haven't looked back. They have looked sideways at each other quite often, and forward occasionally, but never in the reverse direction. Had they ever left work and driven home, this could have caused some damage.

Rated as one of the top online gift sites, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate present buying solution and have more gifts, toys and gadgets than you can shake a stick at (should that be your favoured mode of self expression).

More dedicated than a squirrel in Autumn we forage for and store the largest range of gadgets and gifts online which in turn makes your life an absolute breeze.

All you have to do is come along and grab some nuts!(perhaps taking that analogy a little far)".

Besides the place being wittily named "I want One of Those" (iwoot), there is also a good sense of humour on the site in understated ways, for example the way in which the shopping cart is initially described as "disappointingly empty" until you put something in it. (sorry about the earlier confusion on that)

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

I Want One Of Those

http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/ affiliate program is with Affiliate Window, although the company is often known as IWOOT. Incidentally, that is some of the most innovative shpiel I have seen in a merchant descripto!