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GL Assessment

Get your children prepared for their 11+ exams with GL Assessment. You can give them practice tests and papers to prepare them for the big day.

GL Assessment:

"GL Assessment tests are used by approximately 70% of UK primary and secondary schools every year. This makes it the UK's largest independent provider of educational assessments. We also supply a small amount of tests to parents for use at home, including the popular 11+ Practice Papers.

The 11+ Practice Papers are a popular study tool for the 11-plus examination which is administered to many students in their last year of primary education. The examination typically serves as part of the criteria for gaining entrance to selective secondary schools.

The practice tests are available in mixed packs of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English, or in single subject packs. They have been purchased by customers for over 12 years and are published by GL Assessment and Letts Education.

The 11+ Practice Papers are used by both parents and teachers alike and are sold at popular booksellers such as WH Smith, Borders and Waterstones. Not only are they administered in schools, parents also purchase them for additional study at home for children aged 10-12".

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GL Assessment

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