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The USA's Furniture Directory

Note: This site has been REJECTED. We'll tell you why at the end of the page.

Here's some of the info about FurnitureFan.com in their own words:

"We are the web's largest 24-hour online directory of furniture stores, furniture retailers, manufacturers and products. Powered by our zip code store finder system, we allow people to find a nearby store and let them shop these retailer's furniture catalogs from home, thus saving them time and making their shopping more productive and easier. We will help you find the furniture you want, in the store near you. FurnitureFan.com is up and running to help streamline the shopping process for “fans” of furniture. FurnitureFan.com is not a retailer of furniture – instead, FurnitureFan.com is a free service for consumers that works directly with local stores and manufacturers to create an on-line showroom where consumers can “pre-shop” their neighborhood stores for furniture and accessories before getting into their cars.

Noting that furniture shopping is often a hit-or-miss proposition, Mitch Russo, CEO of FurnitureFan.com, explains, “We designed FurnitureFan.com to customize the search process for each consumer. Visitors to our site are able to preview items from a local store on-line before heading out.”

He points out, “Let’s face it, furniture retailing is an industry where consumers prefer to ‘test-drive’ the product prior to purchase and that is clearly impossible over the Internet. At FurnitureFan.com we offer brick-and-mortar stores web exposure while at the same time directing consumers into their store to test the furniture and make a purchase.” FurnitureFan.com currently has partnerships with over 1,300 retail stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Shopping on FurnitureFan.com is easy. In order to channel a shopper’s search, FurnitureFan’s home page asks what products they are looking for and where they live. With that information, the web site then shows the shopper a wide selection of items that meet their criteria at stores within driving distance.

When the shopper selects a particular item or retailer, they are invited to visit the retailer’s on-line showroom. Each individual showroom includes an interactive catalog where customers can view products on-line, visit the store home page, as well as print out a detailed map with driving directions and store hours. These site elements, created for the retailer by FurnitureFan for a fraction of the cost of creating a store’s own web page, provide consumers with the convenience of narrowing their search while encouraging shoppers to visit their local store to make a purchase.

“We are able to reach more people and show more furniture than is possible with a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ show room. This offers consumers a wider range of choices, yet they are able to spend less time searching,” said Russo The company hopes FurnitureFan will eventually grow to be the ultimate clearinghouse for every furniture retailer in the USA."

This is Where the link Used To Be, but there is a problem...

What's happened is that although we like Furniture Fan, they are prejudiced against us! Let's try to explain this... Look at this page; perfectly reasonable advertisement for Furniture Fan, don't you think? So why would they reject this site for the affiliate program? Can you see this page in the USA; well OF COURSE! And does it matter what skin colour, hair colour, nationality, or locality the writer of this page has? NO! That kind of thing is arbitrary prejudice and has no place in the modern age. More about regionality-discrimination at the REGIONAL page.

To put it very simply: Furniture Fan is USA delivery only. Nothing wrong with that, as dealing with international delivery is difficult. But that doesn't mean they can't be advertised in the USA by an offshore company.

I have politely pointed out this problem but there still seems to be a lack of understanding that we live in an international world. So, there being freedom to go somewhere else, that's what I suggest we do. There are plenty of other contacts at the FURNITURE page, which we will be EXPANDING to make up for being arbitrarily rejected by Furniture Fan.

This has been going on for years, so now we've got our own Directory of Furniture Stores in the USA

See, there's now Global Furniture and US Furniture as categories at this site!

If Furniture Fan decide to come back to being good for business, they'll be added to Zyra International NET on the Furniture USA page! In the meantime this page has been bunged up