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Derby Hotels

Who wants to stay at a hotel in Derby? You're saved, as Derby Hotels are situated in Europe's major cities and not in the East Midlands!

Derby Hotels:

"The Derby Hotels Collection are unique and different from any other hotel.

Derby Hotels combine art with luxury and excellent service and are the result of the efforts made by the corporate team led by Jordi Clos, whose passion for art and hotel management has meant that his private collection is present in each of the hotels.

Derby Hotels is a hotel chain with 14 establishments located in the main European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris.

Derby has created a new concept of hotels with their own personality, combining luxury, courteous service and art.

Designed for cosmopolitan guests able to appreciate a new kind of comfort and class and who seek something more than just somewhere to sleep.

The most exclusive cuisine and the best original cocktails can be found in all the restaurants and bars".

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Derby Hotels

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