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Denim. Tough blue material, typically used for making jeans, but also for a variety of styles of clothes. Denim always has a certain maverick street-cred, partly because it's never accepted by the "smart casual" genre of supposed acceptability, in the same sort of way you don't generally see electric guitars with metal-units in a classical symphony orchestra.

Anyway, why is it called "Denim"? It's originally cloth invented in the town of Nîmes, hence De Nîmes (pronounced De-Neem). Also there is a legend that the Levi brothers travelled to the West with a load of tough blue material hoping to make their fortune selling tents to gold prospectors of the goldrush. The market for blue tents wasn't what was hoped for, so they diversified into making trousers. This did considerably better and has interestingly become part of the culture!

A few denim shop links:

(Also see FASHION)

Jeans Oasis
In the Oasis Centre, Birmingham. Online store offering top branded denim including Levis, Wrangler, Lee, Bleu Bolt and Pepe.

Stone Island
Famous Name in Denim

New York City Denim

Gas Station Jeans
Denim for petrolheads?

883 Police
Italian style

Universal Gear
Designer Denim

Jeans from JAPAN

Genetic Denim
American Jean Brand

DL 1961
Premium Denim

Buy Jeans
Go on then!

So Jeans UK
so many pairs!

The Raw Denim Bar
US style in the UK!

Chocolate Clothing
Not chocolate ones!

Unlimited amounts of jeans

Designer denim and more

Harrison Fashion
Irish Denim

D2 Jeans
D2 brands include Firetrap, Nike, Lambretta, Jack & Jones, Nickelson, Rockport, Kickers, Benzini, Hoi Polloi, DC's and Devils & Dolls

Designer Denim
Famous Names now dabbling in Denim

Schultz Jeans
Jeans to show your pants off!

Miss Selfridge
Jeans for flirty misses!

Jeans Direct
Jeans Direct - Official Levi's® UK Dealer, formed 2002. Supplying thousands of customers every year with many quality brands of all New Season stock, including Ben Sherman, Levi and Diesel.

Voi Jeans
Jeans and other fashion

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...And another point: Although denim is traditionally blue, especially of the type that fades differentially, it doesn't have to be. It's possible to buy denim in a variety of colours, or in white and then dye it yourself!