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Crockfords Casino

Crockfords is a very snazzy casino in one of the poshest districts of London, Mayfair. I happened to see the doorway to the casino as I was visiting the embassy of the Bahamas nearby to talk about my emigration as a tax exile. I asked the man in the hat at the door of the casino "Is it true that this is the famous Crockfords Casino, the oldest casino in the world?" and he replied that this was indeed true. I think he was expecting me to follow this up with a supplementary question such as "My I come in?" but instead I just thanked him kindly and continued on my way the the building with the Bahamas flag outside the front.

This page at Zyra's website used to advertise Crockfords Casino (on the UK Affiliates program), and it might do so again at some future time. In the words of Crockfords: "Crockfords is one of the most prestigious and celebrated casinos in the world and is certainly the oldest! A member of the Stanley Leisure Group, and based in London’s exclusive Mayfair, Crockfords has been providing superior gaming services to privileged guests for 175 years!" ... and then they go on to offer you the chance to visit the prestigious casino online and have a try at the virtual gaming tables at www.crockfordscasinos.com! The affiliate program is on hold at present (2006) and we'll give you an update at some time to tell you what's happening about this. It's up to you if you'd like to type in the web address which has already been mentioned. In the meantime you are also welcome to visit the GAMBLING page at Zyra's website.

It would be nice to promote Crockfords Casino alongside other online casinos at this site, but oddly Crockfords have not resumed having an affiliate program. It's a shame the page has had to be bunged up. Maybe they were short of an affiliate marketing company at which to have their affiliate program?