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Coral - Coral reefs - sea life

Coral - Coral the bookmakers, turf accountants, casino, gambling

Corel - If you're looking for Coral Software, makers of Paint Shop Pro, it's spelt "Corel"

Coral Chemical Company

The Coral - band

Coral Database

Coral Gala - Gala Coral / Gala Bingo and Coral Casino - part of Coral the Bookmakers

Coral CDN - peer-to-peer content distribution network

www.coralind.com - Coral Industries - they're in the aluminium business

Coral Beer - Cerveja Coral (en Español)

Coraline - surreal scary cartoon movie which is rather well done.

Companies and organisations whose name is CORAL (more to be added here) are onto a good thing as the name conjures for most people scenes of tropical marine life and other pleasing images. Plus, as with Acorn, there is the idea of growth, and with Coral it is accretive, building up a firm foundation on its past.