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Acorn - the epitome of that which starts very small and grows very big. "From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow" (A poster showing this symbolism is available at Successories), therefore a name chosen by many new businesses. Also, it's near the start of any alphabetic list. There have been many famous "Acorn"s, some of which have ended up growing very big. But they don't all do that.

Here's a few (no doubt you will want to add some more)

Acorn - Acorn Computer. Makers of the BBC Computer , the Archimedes, and RISC OS

Acorn Taxis - Boston 358358 - see taxis in Boston

Acorn Antiques - featured in a television comedy

Acorn Products - Slipper Socks

Acorn - Mobile phone shop

Acorn - Body Care

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