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Children In Crisis

Every child should have the right to go to school. That is why Children In Crisis need your support, they are trying to help children worldwide get the education they need.

Children In Crisis:

"There are 77 million children worldwide who are not able to go to school.

Often they are living in severe poverty and can not afford to go to school and many are the innocent victims of civil wars and conflicts.

Schools are often destroyed during wars and with few if any trained teachers, there’s no chance for these children to learn the skills they need to find a way out of poverty.

Children in Crisis is working towards ending this injustice by providing an education to children in 9 countries around the world. Our aim is that all children will have the chance to go to school, wherever in the world they are and however poor they might be.

Children will always be the most vulnerable members of society; in times of an economic crisis, a political upheaval or a war, they will be the ones who suffer the most. A chance to go to school can provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn and rebuild their lives".

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Children In Crisis

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