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News 2002/10: KATMANDU Alternative shop, expert body piercing and tattoos, will be holding a CHARITY TATTOO event for Children in Need at the beginning of November 2002.

Katmandu: We are looking for a VOLUNTEER to receive a FREE large TATTOO, which will be supported and sponsored by local people and businesses. Please support us. Every penny counts! If you would like to sponsor our cause, please contact KATMANDU (+44 (0) 1205 360870), or just pop your donation into Katmandu when you have the time. Just the smallest donation would make a HUGE difference to the NEEDY KIDS of our country.

All applicants must be aged over 18, be of sound physical and mental health, have no allergies or health concerns that may affect the tattoo. The chosen finalist will be down to Katmandu's decision. To apply simply phone us and leave your name, number, age, details of any health issues including allergies, and descriptions of any tattoos and/or piercings.

Further details on request.

ALL proceeds raised will be given to CHILDREN IN NEED; Katmandu is making no profit from this venture.